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I earned my Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa and my Masters of Science in Clinical and Counseling Psychology from Capella of University.  I am an Associated Licensed Counselor (ALC) for the state of Alabama (#C2673A), Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (CCH), and have been authorized to engage in private practice of counseling under the supervision of Cheryl Lynn Holmes.  


Professional Experience
I started my professional career working as an adult outpatient case manager for a community mental health facility shortly after graduating from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa on May 2011.  As a adult outpatient case manager I assessed the needs of my clients in order to develop a plan of care which lists out the actions required to meet their treatment goals, as well as coordinated contacts between the client and appropriate persons or agency through linkage and advocacy to further help that individual address their reported issues.   I also conducted and documented psychoeducational group sessions for men and women who have a dual diagnosis related to substance abuse and mental illness.  I worked in this position for approximately one year before deciding to quit my job, and move to the Mobile, AL area.

Once in Mobile, AL I decided to go back to school in September 2012, and get my masters degree at Capella University.  While working on my Masters, I interned at a facility were I was granted the invaluable opportunity to conduct individual and group therapy sessions with adult women mandated by the court to receive anger management treatment,  and addressed any of their other presenting issues (such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, substance abuse, developing healthier coping skills, stress management, etc.).  After earning my graduates degree in Clinical and Counseling Psychology, I made the decision to work at clinic that provided medication assisted maintenance treatment as a substance abuse counselor, and help individuals who struggle with opiate dependency.  

Now, I am the owner of Practical Choices and Healthy Change Therapy, LLC. I serve adult individuals ages 18 and up experiencing a wide variety of issues. These issues consist of but are not limited to problems associated with  addiction, anger management, and trauma.  I utilize an integrative-psychotherapeutic approach which uses information taken during your biopsychosocial interview and continual assessment of your current stage of change, coping style, reactance level, and treatment preferences to decide techniques effective in addressing the presenting problem. As such, my role as counselor will change to match your needs; whether it be advisor, supporter, consultant, etc.  


Value and Mission Statement
I strongly believe that life seems to be cruel more often than not , and the most inopportune situations occur when least expected.  That nothing of value or worth is ever easy to achieve or obtain, and humans are bound to be at the mercy of others.  Oddly enough, this is the beauty of life.  It is the bad things in life that make the good moments extraordinary and unique.  It is hard work and effort that make achieving any goals special.  It is what drives human beings to do better, and brings individuals closer together.  

People ought to remember they are capable of making choices, and for every decision made there are consequences. These consequences could be viewed as good or bad, but a more neutral persepctive is to think of it as a an event passed; an experience that has a lesson to be learned or a memory to be cherished.  This notion makes sticking by a decision less abhorrent especially when the outcomes were not favorable; minimizing any feelings of regret or shame. I believe it is vital that people understand that nothing can change the past, and the future is forever unknown.  Human beings can only plan for the future, work toward goals in the present, and learn from the past.  Concentrate on tasks that can be managed, meditate, and never worry about things beyond their control.  

It is my mission to guide and facilitate change in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as a way to tackle experienced challenges and improve overall well-being. I am happy you have decided to invest in yourself. Together, we can start making practical choices and begin seeing healthier changes for a better tomorrow... for a better you.


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